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1. Master emergency contact information

Before you leave, please log on the Chinese consular service website and the foreign ministry website ( to inquire and save the contact information of the Chinese embassy and consulate of the destination and relevant travel warnings, warnings and other overseas security information. If the destination country does not have diplomatic relations with China, the telephone number of the Chinese embassy and consulate in its neighboring countries can be kept for help in the vicinity.

You can also record the foreign ministry's global consular protection and services emergency call center hotline +8610-12308 or +8610-59913991 for standby.

Check the validity of your passport

The remaining validity period of your passport should generally be more than one year, otherwise it may affect your application for a visa from another country or your travel arrangements during your stay abroad.

Obtain the destination country visa

Ensure that an entry visa has been obtained from the destination country and a transit visa from the country of destination, the type of visa is consistent with the purpose of going abroad, and the validity and duration of the visa are consistent with the travel plan. However, it is important to note that according to international practice, even if you have obtained a visa from a country, that country has the right to refuse you entry without giving any reason.

Check machine (car, ship) ticket information

Check carefully whether the boarding (car, ship) time and place shown on the ticket surface, as well as the connection of the connecting tickets, are correct.

Understand the destination information

Collect the information of local customs and taboos, climate conditions, public security, epidemic diseases, laws and regulations, and take corresponding preventive measures.

Buy necessary insurance

The cost such as foreign medicine is generally higher, suggest you according to oneself economic condition, buy the person safety and medical treatment to wait for the necessary danger to plant, in case.

Don't forget the medical examination and epidemic prevention

It is better to have a comprehensive physical examination before the trip, carry out necessary inoculation according to the requirements and conditions of the destination country, and carry the vaccination certificate (commonly known as "Yellow Book") with you.

Be careful to carry personal medicine

Many countries have strict rules about drugs entry, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, before going abroad should know something about the customs regulations of the state, in the choice to the extent permitted with variety and quantity of the drug. If it is necessary to carry certain drugs for the treatment of your own illness, you should ask your doctor to write a prescription and prepare the foreign language instructions and purchase invoices of the drugs.

Avoid carrying prohibited items

Note the entry restrictions of the customs of the destination country in food, animal and plant products, foreign exchange, etc. Do not bring drugs, international contraband goods, protected animal and plant products, and other goods prohibited from carrying in the previous countries. Do not carry luggage or articles for strangers. Large amounts of cash must be declared to the customs as required.

Leave your emergency contact information

Before going abroad, you should leave a travel schedule for your family or friends and make a contact. It is recommended that you specify the address and telephone number of your family or friends in the "emergency information" page of your passport, so that the relevant departments can contact them in time in case of emergency. Passport, visa, id card should be photocopied, one at home, one with you, and several passport photos should be prepared for emergencies.

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