China and Russia have increased cooperation in the space sector and trained high-quality space talen

Issuing time:2020-04-05 00:00

In recent years, China and Russia have witnessed sound cooperation in the space sector. Exchanges in the space sector have become an important part of the development of russia-china relations and have risen to a new height. China and Russia will achieve more active and effective cooperation in the future.

In 2017, the China aerospace day approaching, by northwestern polytechnical university and China aerospace institute co-sponsored the "' area 'space all the way innovation alliance" recently established in xi 'an, will construct platform for international exchanges and cooperation in the field of space.

The alliance is a non-profit organization formed on a voluntary basis by universities, research institutions and academic organizations in the field of international aerospace. Union aims to construct platform for international exchanges and cooperation in the field of aerospace, promoting between alliance members in scientific research, personnel training, combining study in-depth cooperation, will become the member unit of important cultural, education and scientific research platform.

Konstantin lochev, vice-president of the national university of aeronautics and astronautics (SUAI) in st. Petersburg, said he hoped Russia and China could achieve cooperation within the framework of the One Belt And One Road space innovation alliance.

China's defense industry bureau chief engineer, NASA's secretary-general yu-long tian as saying that the establishment of the alliance, will drive all the way "area" of countries and regions of space innovation elements along the all-round exchanges and jointly develop high-quality compound talents with international vision, promote the development of the cause of world space, let the aerospace science and technology to serve human better.

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