Xiamen jinlong automobile co., LTD. Recruitment of overseas Russian sales staff

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Xiamen jinlong united automobile industry co., LTD. (" da jinlong "for short) was established in December 1988, specializing in the development, manufacture and sales of all types of passenger cars. The company has 5,000 employees and is one of the largest bus manufacturers in the world. Under the company's jurisdiction xiamen, shaoxing two manufacturing bases, suzhou jinlong holding subsidiaries.

Our products cover 6 m to 18 m passenger cars, and our products cover passenger transportation, tourism, group, bus and special vehicles. Golden dragon bus not only sells well in the domestic market, but also sells overseas more than 100 countries and regions, is the leading enterprise of Chinese bus industry.

Advanced foreign language: Russian (related)

Job type: full-time

Treatment: negotiable

Job description and requirements

Responsibilities: responsible for overseas sales of company bus products.

Job requirements:

1. Graduated from automobile, electromechanical, Russian, etc.

2. At least 5 years working experience in international trade, preferably overseas.

3. Fluent in Russian in listening, speaking, reading and writing, good communication skills.

Welfare treatment

1. The endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, birth insurance, for xiamen account personnel pay housing accumulation fund, introduce talents from overseas in personnel files and pay after account to the company), in addition the company also pay the personal insurance for employees.

2. Working lunch, heat prevention and cooling fee, employee birthday gift, employee wedding gift, employee's children get college reward, etc.

3. Factory clothing, regular physical examination, bus transportation to and from the factory, and asaaaa for outstanding employees, etc.

4. Accommodation in collective dormitories, and housing subsidy provided by senior technicians imported from other places, such as renting houses by themselves.

5. Paid annual leave (5, 10 or 15 days in terms of years of service).

6. Apply for core talents and enjoy xiamen municipal government's policy of housing subsidy for talents.

7. Include basketball, football, badminton, tennis, table tennis, fishing association, women's fitness team, we regularly organize activities and organize all kinds of good example, employees are free to choose, free to attend.

Staff and technical association:

8. Holding various skills competitions and technological innovation, invention and creation activities every year is a big stage for employees to display their talents and improve their skills.

Contact number: 0592-5761507

Address: no. 9 jinlong road, jimei district, xiamen city, fujian province 361023

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