YOYBUY is looking for a Russian language marketing manager

Issuing time:2020-04-05 00:00

YOYBUY customer base throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, etc., including the United States, Canada, England, Finland, Italy, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Hong Kong and Singapore covers more than 200 cities and regions more than 50 countries around the world. Market share in the industry leading position. The company has grown from a start-up of two to a current team of 108 people, with an average age of 25. It is a company full of vitality and huge development space. At present, the company is in the strategic transition period. It takes the responsibility to create a unique and perfect online shopping experience, and develops rapidly and expands the company into a professional and technologically advanced purchasing company.

Job type: marketing

Language: Russian, proficient.

Education: bachelor degree or above

Major: marketing, management, e-commerce related major

Responsibilities: responsible for the overall marketing of the Russian language market area of the platform

1. Adopt various real and effective overseas online and offline promotion methods to improve the UV, PV, registered customers, conversion rate and sales of the website.

2. Formulated and implemented the annual marketing promotion plan, and formulated a series of annual online and offline marketing campaigns based on the distribution of customers;

3. Formulated the company's brand management strategy, maintained the company's brand image, and established the brand management and news communication system;

4, expand the website marketing strategy of the business, to grasp the platform in the industry development direction, to complete the company market positioning in the industry, provide timely market feedback, and is responsible for establishing and perfecting the company covered market area of the whole system architecture;

Job requirements:

1. Understand the operation of the whole process of foreign trade B2C and the local Russian e-commerce market. Good data analysis ability

2. At least 3 years of experience in operation and marketing of foreign trade e-commerce websites.

3. Excellent decision-making and planning ability, communication ability and team building ability; Excellent innovation and analytical planning skills;

4. Proficient in Russian regional network marketing, with Russian working experience preferred.

Contact person: senior supervisor

Contact number: 84847953-6138 or 84819775-6138

Company address: 1406-08, building E, longqi plaza, xisanqi, changping district, Beijing (near yuxin station)

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