Dalian branch of the bank of China recruits graduates both at home and abroad

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The dalian branch of the bank of China was officially listed and established on April 11, 2016, becoming a first-class branch directly under the management of the head office. As early as 1913, the bank of China set up a branch at the university of Hong Kong (now dalian). After the founding of new China, the early 50 s, with the development of dalian import and export business, the people's bank of China set up in big brigade (dalian) international JieSuanKe establish business agency relationship with foreign Jones lang lasalle. In June 1960, the dalian port was opened to the outside world. In order to meet the development needs, the dalian office of the bank of China was renamed as the dalian branch of the bank of China. In August 1978, the dalian branch of the bank of China was set up separately from the people's bank of China. On October 22, 1980, the dalian branch of the bank of China was upgraded to liaoning provincial department and bureau level, responsible for the management of the banking institutions and business of the bank of China in liaoning province. On July 1, 1992, it was renamed as bank of China liaoning branch. Closely around the bank of China in recent years, dalian municipal party committee, municipal government strategy, increase support to local entity economy, enhance the level of financial services and people's livelihood, as penang trading financial professional, enterprise "going out" preferred bank.

In early 2016, in response to a national cooperation development strategy in the circum bohai sea region to further enhance the support of key areas, the bank of China head office decided to headquarters to shenyang, liaoning province branch and set up the new tier-one branches in dalian. As a first-class branch, dalian branch enjoys the same authority as liaoning branch in terms of function setting, customer service and credit granting approval. In the long run, based in dalian, dalian branch deep seaport and positioning clearer, more accurate service, management, more smooth, more conducive to support seaport with the rapid development of economy and society.

Currently has 1 Jin Pu new district branch of bank of China, dalian branch and secondary branch of 12 directly under the branch, dalian area currently has more than one hundred outlets, and over three thousand employees, young people under 35 employees more than 50%. Branch pays attention to talent cultivation, the teacher teaching through the new staff, reserve personnel selection, temporary job rotation, the means such as communication at home and abroad, set up diversified personnel training platform for the employees, provide a variety of career paths.

Ii. Project introduction

To take up the challenge of Internet financial management pattern transformation, practice of "new dalian new developments, new position," development ideas, change the traditional personnel training mode selection, build a batch of excellent marketing talent team in the future of the bank's development, help realize seaport "bear social responsibility, do a good bank" of the strategic target, the bank of China, dalian intern recruiting training project first introduced in 2017 and "whampoa plans", is expected to recruit about 100 people.

This internship recruitment and training program will focus on the selection and training of talents with certain ability of customer marketing and market development. During the summer internship in 2017, the finalists will be arranged to the bank of China dalian branch manages agencies and major business departments, engaged in bank low-risk product promotion and customer marketing internship, exercise marketing service ability, improve the comprehensive quality, and will take part in professional training, training, team to create, theater, and a series of training activities. The specific arrangements are as follows:

* the content and schedule of the final internship may be appropriately adjusted according to the needs of the work in the industry

Number of recruits

About 100 people are expected.

Iv. Recruitment conditions

1. Full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students at home and abroad who will graduate on August 1, 2017 solstice, July 31, 2018;

2. Unlimited majors;

3. Healthy, law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, with good personal quality and professional ethics, and no bad record;

4. Good communication and expression skills, stress resistance, optimistic and confident, passionate and aggressive;

5. Have certain leadership experience in school societies or party groups, or have internship experience in student societies or other well-known enterprises;

6. Recognize and adapt to the corporate culture of our bank, and have the willingness to work in the bank in the future;

7. Can guarantee at least one month's internship from July to September 2017.

5. Recruitment process

This recruitment includes online registration, resume screening, pen interview, internship training and other processes. The specific time and arrangement will be announced by phone, email or text message.

1, online registration, please in the May 16, 2017 to 17:00, June 6, on zhaopin website page of the bank of China branch in dalian dalian internship recruitment zone ( online resume.

2. Resume screening: conducted qualification examination and comprehensive screening for the application resumes, and selected the qualified candidates for the interview. Failure to receive the notice of interview within 2 weeks after the deadline for registration is deemed to have failed the preliminary examination. The qualification examination is conducted throughout the recruitment process, and the applicant shall be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the personal registration data. If it is inconsistent with the facts, the applicant shall be disqualified.

3. Written interview: it is expected to uniformly organize the interviewees to have written interview in the middle of June. The interview will be arranged on the same day and will be completed on the same day in the city of dalian.

4. Internship training: internship training is expected to be arranged in batches from the middle of July.

6. On-site publicity

Time: 18:00-20:00 on May 23, 2017

Venue: room 101, sailing building, dalian maritime university

You are welcome to send your resume on site, and to send your resume on site. Also note: after submitting a paper resume on site, it is important to send your resume online at the same time.

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