People's friendship university of Russia (comprehensive)

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The Russian people's university of friendship, is a famous public university in Moscow, founded in 1961 by the former Soviet leader nikita Khrushchev, formerly known as the friendship between people lumumba university, designed for training young communist party member of the third world countries. It is a symbol of the struggle for independence and liberation of the oppressed people of the third world.

The Russian people's friendship university has now become one of Russia's famous comprehensive university, referred to as "the cradle of politicians in the world", is an emerging as to research in international relations and world culture distinctive international university, for the world, especially Asian and Latin American countries has trained a large number of various professional talents, graduates even included a dozen heads of state, secretary of dozens of ambassador, etc. A total of more than 450 ethnic groups and from more than 160 countries and regions, more than 50000 foreign students in the traditional higher education and the spirit of patriotic education of youth is fully accepted and completed the combination of college of higher education.

After the collapse of the Soviet union, joined a lot of business courses, the university is Russia's "ivy league" universities, ranking only after the national university in Moscow and st Petersburg university, is Russia ranked the third largest university, is the second teaching level, at the same time the Russian people friendship university st Petersburg and Moscow state university and national university is one of the three Russian can independently set up and control the teaching plans by the colleges and universities. Every year, more than 160 countries and regions from the public foreign students, self-funded foreign students and inter-school exchange students sign up for admission.

The university enjoys a high reputation all over the world. The university is an important research center. More than 500 people have their own inventions and innovations.

People's friendship university is an international university. Every year, students from more than 100 countries and regions come to study here. Today, au has about 13,000 students, including more than 11,000 undergraduate students and 2,000 graduate students. The university has 14 world-famous scholars, more than 1,000 professors and nearly 1,800 associate professors. Every year, the school holds various international academic conferences and various forms of world cultural exchange activities. In addition to a professional diploma and degree, alumni can also obtain a certificate of interpreter.

On January 20, 2000, UN secretary-general kofi annan said in his message to the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the school: "the purpose of the school is very good, and the quality of teaching is very high. The school has made a major contribution to world peace and development in the last four decades. , head of the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization, the world university, head of the organization with the then Russian President vladimir, success to putin attended the school set up 40 anniversary conference.

The people's friendship university of Russia has 135 teaching and research offices and 4 colleges (world institute of economics and business; School of tourism and hotel management; College of foreign languages; Institute of physics, chemistry, automation, computer) 5, 10 (YuKeXi, engineering, physics, mathematics and natural sciences, department of agriculture and forestry, medicine, environmental protection, social and cultural ecological environment, economics and law).

Teaching plan of the big friends not only fully consider the foreign students in secondary education characteristics of countries and regions, but also take into account the students after graduation to be engaged in the professional activities of characteristics, adopt corresponding teaching outline. Friendship university is one of the foreign students can learn better schools, after a year of preparatory study, foreign students can learn, can also grasp the professional knowledge, the basis of general choose professional study lay a foundation for further, and four years after the department constantly learn Russian.

The library has a collection of more than 2 million books, with local computer networks linked to the international network, including stadiums, hospitals, international cultural centers and international networks.

Located near the southwest forest park of Moscow, the school is one of Moscow's beautiful sites. The school has university town, 11 student dormitory buildings and apartment buildings, complete sports and cultural facilities, the student city is close to the subway, 30 minutes to the downtown, the transportation is very convenient.

The school has an integrated television center where students can watch TV programs from all over the world. The school medical system has been improved, and regular preventive and health examinations are carried out twice a year. The school has a special foreign students' meeting and often organizes foreign students to visit, travel and hold various cultural activities.

Eight school has four dining room, dining room, living around $200 - $300 a month, students' dormitory is good, each two students a room, 18 square meters, has a single bed, wardrobe, desk, and bedding, are provided by the school, every week in a sheet, a public bath room and kitchen, foreign students in the school study and life very superior and convenient.

International events:

The Russian people's friendship university has actively participated in projects of the United Nations, UNESCO, the European Union, the organization for economic cooperation and development, the European training foundation and BBS. Russian people's friendship university is a member of international university association, European university association, Eurasian university association and European education association. And the cis countries (Armenia, azerbaijan, kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, moldova and Ukraine) cooperation and the friendship between people in Russia at the university of university of one of the priority of international cooperation. The Russian people's friendship university has signed more than 160 cooperation contracts with overseas universities, academic centers and international education organizations.

In 2011, the Russian people's friendship university won the top prize in international activities.

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