21/5000   Ural federal university (Alma mater of former Russian President Boris yeltsin)

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Ural federal university (also known as: university of Boris yeltsin, before because of the Russian federation President Boris yeltsin named 1955 graduated from the urals polytechnical institute), at the beginning of 2011, approved by the Russian ministry of education, issue orders, President dmitry medvedev will be a merger with ural state technical university, national university of the urals, forms a urals federal university. It is one of Russia's nine federal universities. UrFU is one of Russia's larger universities, with more than 300,000 graduates. In nearly a century of development, it has become one of Russia's recognized scientific research and education leading universities, ranking among the top 10 in Russia.

Ural third federal university is located in Russia's economy is strong, the fourth largest city of yekaterinburg, after recent years of development, the school has developed into a teaching and research section, multiple training experts direction (bachelor's, master's), hundreds of cultivating professional (experts) of a comprehensive school of higher education, the school to a bachelor's (experts) - master - Dr Sciences - one of the program. The school has more than 20,000 full-time students, including more than 2,000 foreign students.

Chinese students can choose major :(Russian language teaching)

Economics and management:

- advertising and public relations, business information, business, science, economics, finance and credit, hotel management, human resource management, innovation, research, management, management science, intensive industry mergers and acquisitions, public management, quality management, service, youth work.

Information technology, mathematics and computer science:

- application information, applied mathematics, applied mathematics and information science, applied mathematics and physics, communication technology and system, computer security, basic information and the information technology (five-year experts), telecommunications, information and computer systems (five-year experts) information security, information security, information systems and technology, support the management information system of mathematics, mathematics, mathematics and computer science, mechanics and mathematical modeling.


- automation technology and production, biological technology systems and technology, biological technology, chemical technology, civil engineering, special construction (bridge engineering of underground engineering road engineering) (five-year experts), machinery design and technology, the design of electronic equipment and technology, electric power industry and electric engineering, electronics and nano electronics, energy and resources saving of chemical and biological technology, the development of transport machinery, fire safety (five-year experts), thermal power engineering and thermal engineering, instrument engineering, machinery manufacturing, control systems, materials science and technology, Mechatronics and robotics, metal, metallurgy, nano technology and micro mechanical system, nuclear physics and nuclear technology and nuclear power plant, nuclear power development and engineering (the five-year experts), optics, electricity production machinery, printing and packaging, radio engineering, standardization and metrology, technology, machinery and equipment.

Natural science:

-- astronomy (5-year expert), biology, chemistry, basic research and applied chemistry, ecological and environmental management, geodesy and remote sensing, physics, radio physics.

Social sciences, humanities and arts:

Five-year experts, applied psychology (), psychology, foreign regional studies, international relations, political economy and cultural research, design, documentation and archival science, history, art history, linguistics (English), European languages (desi Italian romance languages), Russian language and literature, of Oriental and African studies, journalism, philosophy research, publishing, religion, social and cultural activities, social work, sociology, and tourism.


-- sports, sports, sports.

Note: mark the major of 5-year experts, with a 5-year schooling system, and issue the academic degree of experts upon graduation. You can directly pursue the associate doctor degree (Russian associate doctor degree is recognized as a doctor's degree in China).

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